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July 2016
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SPECIAL GUEST: Julie Carpenter. During the recent shooting of police in Dallas, the authorities made the decision to use a bomb robot to take out the shooter. This marks a shift in how humans and robots interact, and the cultural, societal, and criminal justice issues are complex and far-reaching. We're joined in this episode by researcher Julie Carpenter, who has been looking at these questions for a while now, to dig into the repercussions of this change. We also talk a bit about the military's use of robotics, particularly drones and the benefits and downsides of keeping humans in the loop. Plus a little about the Campaign Against Killer Robots. Recorded 7/18/2016. Find out more at

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SPECIAL GUEST: Alexandra Whittington (Fast Future). The blockchain. It’s the engine that powers BitCoin, the cryptocurrency. A distributed ledger that could serve as the basis for the quantification of trust. What impact could this have on education? Employment? We’re joined by futurist, professor and consultant Alexandra Whittington to dig into what this innovation could mean for transforming the human experience. Recorded 7/17/2016. Find out more at

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SPECIAL GUEST: Tom Cheesewright (Book Of The Future). This episode is all about Pokémon Go, the possibilities and the perils of AUGMENTED REALITY, and the future of games, big data, and technology. We also dip in a bit to Google's failed but successful experiment, with Google Glass. With all of the media attention to Pokémon Go in the past week or so, it was definitely time for us to tackle augmented reality and our guest from Book Of The Future Tom Cheesewright shares his unique perspective on the current state and future possibilities of this exciting technology. Recorded 7/17/2016. Find out more at

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SPECIAL GUEST: Kevin Kelly. Technology. It has shaped our culture, our society, our possibilities, and our selves. And it is accelerating. More and more of our evolution, socially, culturally, and even physically, is being shaped by our tools. We should understand the effects that this is having on us, the capabilities and biases and flows of our tech. In this episode, we're joined by Kevin Kelly, who's been thinking and writing about these issues for a while. As one of the founders of Wired magazine, he was on the ground floor of the Internet and has seen firsthand a lot of the amazing technologies that will shape our lives in the next few years. Now he has a new book, The Inevitable, about the forces driving these technologies. Join us on a journey into that future... Recorded 7/6/2016. Find out more at

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